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29 Jan

Not a lot to do these days but watch TV and write my journal. Food is getting scarce and we’re getting the odd power cut. Seems they’re not maintaining or manning the power grid. Hope the toilets keep flushing.

Saw a guy out on the street the other day. He was obviously very sick, coughing fits and could barely walk. He ended up collapsing right outside our building. Nobody went to see if he was OK or not. He lay there for about 3 hours before a military truck came by and some soldiers in white coveralls and masks threw his body on the back of the truck and drove off. They’ve stopped giving a shit now.

I heard gun shots down the street last night. The news says that anybody out after dark (and that’s only about 4pm this time of year) will be shot. I don’t know what we’re going to do, but we have to get away from here. Somewhere peaceful with no sick buggers about to spread the virus on to us would be nice. And no army either. Those guys in their masks give me the willies.


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26 Jan

Less than a month ago a flu-like sickness called the Slovak Virus started up in Scotland. They’ve linked it to a lab on the outskirts of the city where experimental disease research was going on. After some hippies broke in and let out a bunch of animals, the disease hit the human population, starting with a Slovakian guy who was hunting rabbits for their pelts and either got one of the lab animals or another one that had been infected.

Anyway, this thing is spreading around the globe like wild fire now. People are being isolated in their homes and the military has started cordoning off whole towns. Here in London I’ve seen a few humvees and trucks full of troops. Nothing too major yet, but it’s a big city to try to control.

I’ve made a couple of trips out to the few shops that are still open to buy food and supplies, but it’s like a ghost town out there. Work has told us to stay home and they would keep paying us half our rate as some kind of retainer. The Telly is starting to talk about this being a full scale pandemic and that looting and crime is on the increase. Chances are they’ll declare martial law and shoot on sight. I’ve seen movies like that.

Anyways, the wife and I are all good tucked up in our wee flat. I can see the piles of rubbish growing outside though as nobody is collecting it now. This is going to take some time to get over, once they find that cure, I would expect.

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23 Jan

Haven’t written in my journal for a while. Went to Jeff’s funeral last Tuesday. Poor bastard was the 195th victim of this Slovak Virus. They say he died of cardiac arrest in the end – his heart couldn’t handle the high temperature fever for so long and he died in his home as the hospitals were full. His family were distraught. Man I miss him.

Funerals suck.

Wondering whether we go out to the country somewhere to get away from all these sick people. Where would we stay though. A lot of companies are reducing down to skeleton staffing to remain functioning during this time while everybody is getting sick. The telly showed that the virus has made it overseas now too. People took it on holiday with them and it’s spreading all over the world already. They’ve decided to restrict international travel now and there are people in masks at every port with thermo cameras to look for passengers with high temperatures – the first sign of having the virus.

The news also says they’re working on a vaccination or cure or something, but it’s a few months away at least. Somebody on one news report linked the virus to those animals the activists let loose a few weeks back. Don’t know if any of that is true, but I’d like to see the hippies get a good kicking if it is.

BTW: The missus didn’t get the job in the end as it fell through due to not hiring any more during this tough time. This is getting bad.


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13 Jan

Hmm, things are not looking too good up North. Lots of people starting to drop from this virus. It’s here in London too, but doesn’t seem as wide-spread. Yet.

Tinternet is showing pictures of people in hazard suits (is that what they’re called?) walking about treating the sick and dying. They’re calling it C14D, or the Slovak Virus after the nationality of the first guy that died. Funny to think this thing is only a couple of weeks old and almost 30 people have died from it so far. We have to keep indoors now and limit our contact with others until it passes. The NHS is shitting itself as the hospitals are struggling to keep up. Bet the government is glad they cut the healthcare budgets so much now.

Brought my work laptop home on so can work from home tomorrow. Wifey has a second interview and has to travel on the bus to get there. She’s got some of that anti-germ gel for cleaning her hands with so she’ll be alright.

haz suit

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10 Jan

Wifey got an interview! Very happy for her. Thinks it went well, and will find out in a few days.

A lot of the guys at work are starting to get this cough that’s doing the rounds. Papers are saying that it’s looking like an epidemic and they’re starting to close schools around Scotland to try and contain it. Hospitals are overflowing and there’s even been a couple of deaths. Might start working from home, keep away from the germ carriers. Next week is just a bunch of meetings over the phone anyway so shouldn’t be a problem.

Tried calling Jeff today but couldn’t get hold of him. Knob has probably lost his phone again.


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07 Jan

Was so nice to have a weekend! Only a week ago I had a long break, but that first week back was a grind. Here’s hoping this week flies by.

Caught up with Jeff for a beer on Friday. Haven’t seen him for a while. He didn’t drink much as he had a nasty cold. Seemed to really be getting him down. His trip up to Edinburgh went well, but that’s where he picked up this cold. Seems there’s a nasty one going ‘round up there.

Wifey has had a few nibbles for jobs and a hint or two of interviews. Maybe when she’s settled into something I can start looking again too. Can’t face going through recruitment agents again – bunch of twats, but got to get on the market somehow.

Hope Jeff gets better soon, I’m meant to catch up with him for the big rugby game next week.


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02 Jan

02 Jan

Back to work again. Headache from all the New Year celebrating subsiding and dealing with the deadbeats in the office again didn’t help it much.

Headline news today said that some idiots broke into an animal research lab and let a whole bunch of animals go. What are they thinking? That these domestic pets that have been experimented on are going to survive in the wild? Where do they think medicines come from, experiments on humans? Oh well, hunters up in Scotland will have a field day shooting multi-limbed monkeys and three-eared rabbits for the next few months.

Wife’s looking for a new job now the market is open again as people come back from holidays. Looking forward to a bit more income into the household.

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