07 Jan

07 Jan

Was so nice to have a weekend! Only a week ago I had a long break, but that first week back was a grind. Here’s hoping this week flies by.

Caught up with Jeff for a beer on Friday. Haven’t seen him for a while. He didn’t drink much as he had a nasty cold. Seemed to really be getting him down. His trip up to Edinburgh went well, but that’s where he picked up this cold. Seems there’s a nasty one going ‘round up there.

Wifey has had a few nibbles for jobs and a hint or two of interviews. Maybe when she’s settled into something I can start looking again too. Can’t face going through recruitment agents again – bunch of twats, but got to get on the market somehow.

Hope Jeff gets better soon, I’m meant to catch up with him for the big rugby game next week.


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