13 Jan

13 Jan

Hmm, things are not looking too good up North. Lots of people starting to drop from this virus. It’s here in London too, but doesn’t seem as wide-spread. Yet.

Tinternet is showing pictures of people in hazard suits (is that what they’re called?) walking about treating the sick and dying. They’re calling it C14D, or the Slovak Virus after the nationality of the first guy that died. Funny to think this thing is only a couple of weeks old and almost 30 people have died from it so far. We have to keep indoors now and limit our contact with others until it passes. The NHS is shitting itself as the hospitals are struggling to keep up. Bet the government is glad they cut the healthcare budgets so much now.

Brought my work laptop home on so can work from home tomorrow. Wifey has a second interview and has to travel on the bus to get there. She’s got some of that anti-germ gel for cleaning her hands with so she’ll be alright.

haz suit

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