23 Jan

23 Jan

Haven’t written in my journal for a while. Went to Jeff’s funeral last Tuesday. Poor bastard was the 195th victim of this Slovak Virus. They say he died of cardiac arrest in the end – his heart couldn’t handle the high temperature fever for so long and he died in his home as the hospitals were full. His family were distraught. Man I miss him.

Funerals suck.

Wondering whether we go out to the country somewhere to get away from all these sick people. Where would we stay though. A lot of companies are reducing down to skeleton staffing to remain functioning during this time while everybody is getting sick. The telly showed that the virus has made it overseas now too. People took it on holiday with them and it’s spreading all over the world already. They’ve decided to restrict international travel now and there are people in masks at every port with thermo cameras to look for passengers with high temperatures – the first sign of having the virus.

The news also says they’re working on a vaccination or cure or something, but it’s a few months away at least. Somebody on one news report linked the virus to those animals the activists let loose a few weeks back. Don’t know if any of that is true, but I’d like to see the hippies get a good kicking if it is.

BTW: The missus didn’t get the job in the end as it fell through due to not hiring any more during this tough time. This is getting bad.


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