26 Jan

26 Jan

Less than a month ago a flu-like sickness called the Slovak Virus started up in Scotland. They’ve linked it to a lab on the outskirts of the city where experimental disease research was going on. After some hippies broke in and let out a bunch of animals, the disease hit the human population, starting with a Slovakian guy who was hunting rabbits for their pelts and either got one of the lab animals or another one that had been infected.

Anyway, this thing is spreading around the globe like wild fire now. People are being isolated in their homes and the military has started cordoning off whole towns. Here in London I’ve seen a few humvees and trucks full of troops. Nothing too major yet, but it’s a big city to try to control.

I’ve made a couple of trips out to the few shops that are still open to buy food and supplies, but it’s like a ghost town out there. Work has told us to stay home and they would keep paying us half our rate as some kind of retainer. The Telly is starting to talk about this being a full scale pandemic and that looting and crime is on the increase. Chances are they’ll declare martial law and shoot on sight. I’ve seen movies like that.

Anyways, the wife and I are all good tucked up in our wee flat. I can see the piles of rubbish growing outside though as nobody is collecting it now. This is going to take some time to get over, once they find that cure, I would expect.

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