29 Jan

29 Jan

Not a lot to do these days but watch TV and write my journal. Food is getting scarce and we’re getting the odd power cut. Seems they’re not maintaining or manning the power grid. Hope the toilets keep flushing.

Saw a guy out on the street the other day. He was obviously very sick, coughing fits and could barely walk. He ended up collapsing right outside our building. Nobody went to see if he was OK or not. He lay there for about 3 hours before a military truck came by and some soldiers in white coveralls and masks threw his body on the back of the truck and drove off. They’ve stopped giving a shit now.

I heard gun shots down the street last night. The news says that anybody out after dark (and that’s only about 4pm this time of year) will be shot. I don’t know what we’re going to do, but we have to get away from here. Somewhere peaceful with no sick buggers about to spread the virus on to us would be nice. And no army either. Those guys in their masks give me the willies.


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