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28 Feb

Last day of the shortest month, and longest day of my life.

I woke up to a scratching noise down the hall. Seems she is out of bed now and scratching at the door to get out. I thought I might open the door to see if she is OK again, but I know what I’ll find in there. If she hasn’t got the wherewithal to work out the door handle, means her brain is fried and she’s one of them now.

Oh my darling wife. I am so sorry. Somehow I think this must be my fault. I was the one that kept going out into the diseased world. I must have brought it back to her somehow. I can’t think how.

I can’t write any more.

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27 Feb

Don’t even know why I’m spending time writing this.

No good news on the wife front. She seems to be worse, if that’s even possible. Lies there moaning and panting from the heat. I can feel it radiating off her when I get close to her! She’s burning up and there’s sweet f.a. I can do about it.

I feel so helpless. So useless. Where’s this damn cure they were promising before? Why isn’t anybody doing anything?

I bet the Prime Minister and his family have been vaccinated by now. What’s the bet the Queen is sitting on some tropical beach as far away from sick people as she can get, sipping on vaccine-laced pina coladas.

I’m holed up here in my shitty little flat, surrounded by the walking dead and watching my wife slip into a coma, only to wake up what? A flesh eating monster? No, not my wife. She’ll come right. She has to.

None of this would have happened if those damned greenies had left that damn pharmaceutical lab alone.

Oh please, don’t let this happen to her.

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26 Feb

Went in to see her this morning. She was barely able to stay awake and lucid for more than a few minutes at a time. Her nose is streaming green gunk and she’s sweating so much the sheets were soaked.

I managed to force a few paracetamols down her to try and break the fever. I put plastic shopping bags on my hands and a tea towel around my face to keep the germs out. She’s not looking too good. Tried to fill the bath to cool her down, but just got a few inches of sludge out of the taps. Definitely writing a stern letter to the council about that one.

Oh man, why did she have to get sick? Why my baby? All the other losers in the country can go to hell for all I care, as long as I have my beautiful wifey, it doesn’t matter. Oh God, oh God, oh God…

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25 Feb

Wife woke up with a sore throat and bunged up nose this morning. Running a bit of a temperature too. Please Lord, don’t let her get sick. This could just be a normal cold. I’d give anything if this was just a normal cold. You know, where you cough a bit, snotty nose, then couple of days later, all better and happy again.

She’s stressing like mad and insisting I keep away from her. She’s made up a bed on the couch for me because she says she has already infected our bed so I get the couch. Please don’t let her get sick. I couldn’t stand doing this alone. I’ve been with her for thirteen years now and she’s my rock. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Maybe she’ll be better. Wonder if I can find any chicken soup in the neighbour’s cupboards for her.

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22 Feb

Really didn’t want to, but was kind of forced to by the wife. Went door knocking again. Felt like a bloody Mormon.

Any door that wasn’t answered I tried to break in to see if they had any food. Managed to get into a couple of places. Got a hell of a fright at one of them when going through the cupboards only for a Slov to come round the corner and make for me like it wanted to bite my face off. Managed to beat it a few times with a bottle of wine (you know they don’t break like they do on the telly!) and shove her into the next room before closing the door on it. Seems they can’t work out a simple door knob, so didn’t need to worry about it coming to get me again. It just stayed on the other side bashing its head on the door and moaning. Idiot.

Got a few cans of goodies and the bottle of wine I’d bashed the Slov with and the wife made a lovely feed. She got Slov blood all over her hands from the wine bottle before washing it. I forgot to tell her I’d used it to bash the person who used to own it. Wife just freaked. Germ-o-phobe.


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18 Feb

Bastards! They just packed up and buggered off!

The checkpoint tent was still up, sandbags that they all hid behind still there, and even boxes of ammo and a few bits of equipment like radios and stuff. Didn’t even have the courtesy to let anybody know they were bugging out. I grabbed what I could carry, including some of the ammo in case I ever find a gun it’ll fit in to protect myself.

The hell are we going to do now? We’re living off rain water we catch in buckets on the balcony and down to the last couple of packets of freeze dried, which we eat dry as we can’t spare the water. Things are not shaping up too well.

I knocked on a few doors today. Only got one answer, and the little old biddy didn’t look too well, so I left her to it. Didn’t want to catch the bug myself. Told her I’d send help if I could find any. Poor old chook is screwed.

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17 Feb

No gun shots today. Maybe no sick people about. Those arseholes had better not have buggered off and left us here.

Poked my nose out the door but there was a Slov in the stairway. He didn’t see me though. Was struggling to lurch its way down the stairs. Seemed like a bit too much for the old brain to handle for him.

Will pop out tomorrow to see if the checkpoint is still there. May even do a bit of door knocking to see if any of the neighbours are still well and if we can pool resources and barricade the building or something. Dunno what we can do really, but there must be a way to feel safe and not so isolated

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