1 Feb

01 Feb

Went out this morning in search of supplies. The whole street is cordoned off. Had to be tested by some military jerk for high temperature before they’d let me go to the shops. No shops open now, but I found a big army tent a block further on that was dishing out freeze dried food in silver packs. They’d only give me a couple of days’ worth so I told them there were four people in the house. I got a few more that way. Got some basic medicine and some supplies for the wife.

Power cuts are getting more regular now, so picked up a small gas stove and a couple of spare canisters of gas – you know the little blue ones about the size of a coffee cup? Well, that should see us right if the power goes for good.

Went through the same military crap getting home, but they were a bit dubious of me this time. I was hot from slogging it back with all this stuff so they thought I had a temperature. Dick heads.

Missus made me have a shower in case I’d come into contact with germs. Shower was lukewarm.

Logged on to work to check emails. People have started to use it to stay in touch with one another. Nothing work-related going on there now. Mainly gossip from various colleagues moaning about how sick they are. Few days later they stop emailing. Poor bastards.

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