2 Feb

02 Feb

What I wouldn’t give for a decent steak. Only the first day eating this freeze dried muck yesterday and already I could gnaw the leg off any bovine too slow to get out of my way.

Bored, bored, bored.

The telly, when it’s working, is starting to have weird reports of some people with the virus suddenly getting better and getting up out of bed again. Maybe they’ve been cured, or the virus is getting weaker. Here’s hoping. Maybe there is an end in sight.

It’s only been a month now, but how quickly the world can fall into chaos from a single, invisible virus. Grief, imagine if those bird flu or monkey vomiting bug or whatever we’ve had in the past had got hold like this one. More than a month of this and we’re all screwed. Let’s hope the reports turn out true and we can all get back to normal again.

Truth is, there’s only so much time the wife and I can bear to be cooped up in this tiny flat together without ripping each other’s heads off. Love her really.

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