5 Feb

05 Feb

Went out to the checkpoint at the end of the street. Guys there got a bit anxious at first, but luckily one of them recognised me as the guy popping out for supplies all the time. We needed a few things but I decided to stay and chat to them for a while and it was getting near curfew by the time I was finished so came home again empty handed.

Turns out those military guys aren’t so bad after all. They’ve been given shoot-on-sight orders now. Anybody that looks like they’re sick and likely to infect them can be, what they called, neutralised. Killed is what I call it.

They’re all super jumpy, and are being given bugger-all information. They have to remain there until given orders to leave. Most of them are younger bucks in their 20’s, and look completely out of place in military outfits. Just a bunch of kids with guns really. I asked about the cure, and none of them knew anything about it. One said that he’d shot a guy who was obviously sick. Said he’d been lurching along, snot pouring out of his nose and foaming at the mouth. Said he’d shot him six times before the guy stayed down. He was pretty shook up about it too. Said he didn’t think when he signed up that he’d end up killing anybody.

I made sure they all got to know my face and name before I left. Don’t want any itchy trigger fingers when next I go out for a kebab (as if I’m likely to see one of those again this side of Christmas).

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