8 Feb

08 Feb

Food running low again. Never any hot water now. Power’s on for about an hour every day which allows me just enough time to fire up the laptop, blog, check the news and see if I can get a TV channel not showing a test pattern. It’s still damn cold out, so any perishables we have put outside because it seems the fridge is warmer inside than the rest of our house.

Got a few snippets of news today before the fluctuating power meant the internet router kept rebooting and connecting to the internet became impossible. Seems these people aren’t getting better again. They’re still just as sick, but their brain has managed to shut down most of the non-essential functions and got them up and moving again. Amazing thing the brain, especially when, like me, you don’t know a thing about it. Anyway, seems these people have the mental capacity of a retard, but their body still functions the same. Their basic functions drive them to meet the body’s needs for water and food. That’s about all they crave, and they don’t care what they eat.

There was a video of a guy, squatting in the street chewing on what looked like a dead dog. Anyway it was pretty foul and I didn’t let the missus see that one.

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