13 Feb

13 Feb

Popped out to find more grub today.

Half the army guys had left and a bunch of new ones had arrived. Thankfully those that were there from the first batch remembered me and I wasn’t shot on the spot. They said that the supply depot down the road had been closed down after it was raided by a bunch of Slovs, what they call people with the Slovak Virus. The Slovs ate most of the food, and even started chewing on a few unfortunate soldiers.

Turns out they’re harder to kill than the average person because their brain has shut down most of the non-essential bits of their bodies. You need to hit them in the heart or head to stop them. While I was there a sick woman, barely any clothes covering her, and mud all up one side, blood and snot crusting her face, started lurching towards the checkpoint. The guys opened fire and she went down. A couple of minutes later she started moving again and got back up again! One of the guys is a bit of a crack shot and lined it up carefully this time. The top of her head came off in a spray of brains and she stayed down that time. They just left her there. I nearly puked on my shoes.

Anyway, they said there was likely to be an evacuation order any day now to get those that weren’t sick out to some place safe. We’d hear them on a loud speaker so didn’t need to worry about missing the evac. They gave me what food they could spare and I high tailed it back home again.

What a day.

Zombie Woman

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