16 Feb

16 Feb

Well, no power at all today (blogging offline and will update when I can). Cold showers all round and the house is bloody freezing. Still got a couple of months before the weather starts getting warm again. Can’t believe it was only 6 weeks ago when things were still normal. Now the world has gone mad.

Seems people are getting a nasty cold and a few days later decide to go about munching one another. Well, not one another it seems. Appears they don’t mind gnawing on a person, so long as that person isn’t sick themselves. Apparently the sick brain knows enough not to want to eat any more virus and just chase down and eat healthy people. It’s just horrible.

The shooting up the street at the checkpoint is more regular now. Mostly at night. Seems the Slovs prefer to get about at night time because they can’t see too well in the light.

The wife and I are making the food stretch out as far as possible, but I’ll need to get out and about again some time soon. Water coming through the pipes can be a bit sludgy and brown now. You have to let the tap run for a bit before getting clean water. At least the crapper is still functioning. Could do without using a bucket and stinking the house out.

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