18 Feb

18 Feb

Bastards! They just packed up and buggered off!

The checkpoint tent was still up, sandbags that they all hid behind still there, and even boxes of ammo and a few bits of equipment like radios and stuff. Didn’t even have the courtesy to let anybody know they were bugging out. I grabbed what I could carry, including some of the ammo in case I ever find a gun it’ll fit in to protect myself.

The hell are we going to do now? We’re living off rain water we catch in buckets on the balcony and down to the last couple of packets of freeze dried, which we eat dry as we can’t spare the water. Things are not shaping up too well.

I knocked on a few doors today. Only got one answer, and the little old biddy didn’t look too well, so I left her to it. Didn’t want to catch the bug myself. Told her I’d send help if I could find any. Poor old chook is screwed.

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