22 Feb

22 Feb

Really didn’t want to, but was kind of forced to by the wife. Went door knocking again. Felt like a bloody Mormon.

Any door that wasn’t answered I tried to break in to see if they had any food. Managed to get into a couple of places. Got a hell of a fright at one of them when going through the cupboards only for a Slov to come round the corner and make for me like it wanted to bite my face off. Managed to beat it a few times with a bottle of wine (you know they don’t break like they do on the telly!) and shove her into the next room before closing the door on it. Seems they can’t work out a simple door knob, so didn’t need to worry about it coming to get me again. It just stayed on the other side bashing its head on the door and moaning. Idiot.

Got a few cans of goodies and the bottle of wine I’d bashed the Slov with and the wife made a lovely feed. She got Slov blood all over her hands from the wine bottle before washing it. I forgot to tell her I’d used it to bash the person who used to own it. Wife just freaked. Germ-o-phobe.


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