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29 Mar

Nope, not sick. Still here.

Whew, no idea how I dodged that bullet, but the old lady-spit didn’t do me in.

Think a can of overdue peaches nearly did though as I’ve had the shits for the past couple of hours. The brain’s still functioning though which is the main thing. More than I can say for anybody other than that poor shop keeper the other day that I have seen in the past few weeks. That shop guy will be a goner soon too after getting that hicky on his arm from his good ol’ mum.

I haven’t made it very far yet. Only got as far as the outskirts of London so far. Going is so tough. The army really had this place locked down before they all bailed. Every hundred metres or so has another road block. Nearly got the car so snarled up in razor wire at one checkpoint that I was about to abandon it before I broke free and dragged half the barricade with me along to the next one.

At this rate I’m not going to be out of London and into the countryside for another week or so. Grief, if only I had a tank or something.

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27 Mar

Seriously, seriously screwed up today. Oh God I better not get sick.

Was in one of those mini supermarkets. You know the ones that are bigger than a news agent, but smaller than a supermarket? Seem to have more chickpeas and naan bread than the usual staples?

I was banking on plenty of canned goods still being available so I went in there and found nobody was there so started my shopping spree. I was checking the use by date on a can of some instant-breakfast-in-a-can muck when I sensed movement behind me. I spun around ready for some lumbering Slov to come at me, only to see an Indian guy with a shotgun levelled at my head. Must have heard me and come down from an upstairs flat or something.

Thanks goodness, thinks I, somebody else that isn’t sick. Well the guy must have noticed I wasn’t sick too because he hesitated with the gun. Next thing, his mother or somebody came up behind him. But she was sick. He turned to her and seemed surprised she was up and about and started rattling off in Hindi to her. She just ran up to him and latched what few teeth she had left in her mouth onto his arm. I ran up to help him out and gave the woman a few clouts with the bat. She went down, but he wasn’t very happy with me hitting his mother. He brought the gun up again. I could see the shock and confusion in his eyes and he was about to shoot me in the face.

I knocked the gun out of his hands and was about to turn and run out the door when his mother jumped back up again and literally launched herself at me. Nimble old biddy she was. Anyway, she got so close to my face she started spitting and dribbling blood all over me from the bashing I had given her. I threw her back and the shop guy grabbed her. I managed to race out to the car again and thoroughly soaked my face and anywhere she got blood and drool on me in disinfectant I had picked up from a chemist.

Man I better not get sick. I don’t want to go that way. Hell, I’ll top myself before that happens.

That guy with his sick mother reminds me of my wife. I miss her so much.

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24 Mar

Finally found myself a car with the keys in it. Trouble was that it also still had an occupier. Stupid sod couldn’t work out how to get out and had chewed half the leather off the seats. I kindly let her out and obliged her with a few biffs about the scone with my handy, dandy bat to keep her out of harm’s way until I could get into the car.

Nice beamer too. Half a tank of gas so should be able to get a fair way before trying out my siphoning skills. A bit uncomfortable with a spring in your butt though after the owner has eaten half the cushioning off the seat.

A bit of a mission getting through the roads too. A lot of abandoned road blocks with those anti-tank barriers or whatever they are. You know, you see them in war movies with the three logs tied in a pyramid? Well, instead these are steel ones, and covered in coils of the nastiest barbed wire I’ve ever seen. Have had to get out of the car a few times to move them out of the way. A couple of them I’ve managed to squeeze the car through though.

Picked up a rifle at one of the checkpoints. Bet that poor sod was in trouble when he got back to camp sans weapon. Found my supply of bullets I brought with me fit, so been practicing shooting street signs with it. Don’t know anything about guns. It’s a black one.

Anyways, time to hit the road again.

Pencil - Gun (small)

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21 Mar

Haven’t had any time to write. Been a chaotic couple of weeks.

Damn Slovs are everywhere. Night time is the worst. It’s so dark out, no power anywhere so no lights. I can hear them scrambling about out in the dark. A couple of close encounters of the snotty kind.

Was in a burger joint a couple of days ago seeing if there was anything left in there to eat. Seems a couple of Slovs had had the same idea and the place was picked over pretty good. Just cans and bottles of stuff they were too stupid to open. Tell you what, those gherkins were the first thing you’d pull out of your burger back in the day, but a jar of them when you’re starving is alright. Gave me the mega farts though.

When I went to see if there was anything in one of the big walk-in fridges a Slov came lumbering out. Seems he’d got himself trapped in there somehow. Still had his burger joint uniform on and all. Gave me a hell of a start. He managed to knock me down, but I scrambled to my feet and gave him a few clouts about the head with my bat I keep handy at all times. Didn’t quite keep him down, but one of those long knife sharpening steels through the eye seemed to scramble his already fuddled brain and he stayed down. Bugger had munched anything of worth in the fridge anyway.

I’m moving from place to place. Anywhere with a door I can get through and secure behind me for the night. Have to make sure I’m alone before settling down to wait the night out. Haven’t seen anybody else that isn’t sick yet. Maybe they were lucky enough to get evacuated, or maybe they all just got sick too.

Why aren’t I sick? Am I immune, or just lucky perhaps. I’m very careful what I touch, and not to let any Slov blood or other juices get on me. One day I won’t be so lucky, but got to keep going while I can.

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4 Mar

All set to head out now.

Have packed what few things I can get to. Most of my clothes are in the bedroom with my psycho wife. I say psycho because every time she hears me move about out here she goes berserk and starts bashing against the door. Seems she’s pretty keen to get out of there.

I’m taking the army radio and ammo and a few changes of clothes. About all I’ve got to protect myself with are a big carving knife (don’t think the bread knife will do it, bloody sharp, but more of a hacking tool than stabbing), and an aluminium baseball bat from when I was playing in the company league team.

Dunno where I’m going yet, but I’ve got a map and think I’ll head South, away from where the virus came from. See if I can’t hook up with the army using their radio, not that anything has been on it other than static since I’ve had it. Wish me luck.

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3 Mar

You know, in some ways I wish she had just died. I hear her moaning and scratching at that damn door. I can’t bear to think of her as one of them. I haven’t dared to open the door and take a look.

My poor, poor sweetheart. I am so sorry. I worked out that it must have been the blood from the wine bottle that did it. So it actually was me that caused this to happen to my wife. I don’t know what to do now.

The scant food I pilfered from the neighbours is nearly out. There is no food, electricity, heating here. I have the corpse of my wife in the next room wanting to get out and chew on my bones, and not in a good way.

I’ve got to get out. Get away from here and find some place safe, with food, and preferably a hot shower. Find out what is going on with getting a cure for all this. See what I can do to help. Maybe the army has set up a safe camp some place. Perhaps I can give blood or something. Man, I feel so helpless.

I have to leave my wife behind. Hope she is safe until I can return with the cure. Maybe a syringe full of the magic potion that will bring her back to me. Oh please let there be a magic potion.

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