4 Mar

04 Mar

All set to head out now.

Have packed what few things I can get to. Most of my clothes are in the bedroom with my psycho wife. I say psycho because every time she hears me move about out here she goes berserk and starts bashing against the door. Seems she’s pretty keen to get out of there.

I’m taking the army radio and ammo and a few changes of clothes. About all I’ve got to protect myself with are a big carving knife (don’t think the bread knife will do it, bloody sharp, but more of a hacking tool than stabbing), and an aluminium baseball bat from when I was playing in the company league team.

Dunno where I’m going yet, but I’ve got a map and think I’ll head South, away from where the virus came from. See if I can’t hook up with the army using their radio, not that anything has been on it other than static since I’ve had it. Wish me luck.

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