21 Mar

21 Mar

Haven’t had any time to write. Been a chaotic couple of weeks.

Damn Slovs are everywhere. Night time is the worst. It’s so dark out, no power anywhere so no lights. I can hear them scrambling about out in the dark. A couple of close encounters of the snotty kind.

Was in a burger joint a couple of days ago seeing if there was anything left in there to eat. Seems a couple of Slovs had had the same idea and the place was picked over pretty good. Just cans and bottles of stuff they were too stupid to open. Tell you what, those gherkins were the first thing you’d pull out of your burger back in the day, but a jar of them when you’re starving is alright. Gave me the mega farts though.

When I went to see if there was anything in one of the big walk-in fridges a Slov came lumbering out. Seems he’d got himself trapped in there somehow. Still had his burger joint uniform on and all. Gave me a hell of a start. He managed to knock me down, but I scrambled to my feet and gave him a few clouts about the head with my bat I keep handy at all times. Didn’t quite keep him down, but one of those long knife sharpening steels through the eye seemed to scramble his already fuddled brain and he stayed down. Bugger had munched anything of worth in the fridge anyway.

I’m moving from place to place. Anywhere with a door I can get through and secure behind me for the night. Have to make sure I’m alone before settling down to wait the night out. Haven’t seen anybody else that isn’t sick yet. Maybe they were lucky enough to get evacuated, or maybe they all just got sick too.

Why aren’t I sick? Am I immune, or just lucky perhaps. I’m very careful what I touch, and not to let any Slov blood or other juices get on me. One day I won’t be so lucky, but got to keep going while I can.

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