24 Mar

24 Mar

Finally found myself a car with the keys in it. Trouble was that it also still had an occupier. Stupid sod couldn’t work out how to get out and had chewed half the leather off the seats. I kindly let her out and obliged her with a few biffs about the scone with my handy, dandy bat to keep her out of harm’s way until I could get into the car.

Nice beamer too. Half a tank of gas so should be able to get a fair way before trying out my siphoning skills. A bit uncomfortable with a spring in your butt though after the owner has eaten half the cushioning off the seat.

A bit of a mission getting through the roads too. A lot of abandoned road blocks with those anti-tank barriers or whatever they are. You know, you see them in war movies with the three logs tied in a pyramid? Well, instead these are steel ones, and covered in coils of the nastiest barbed wire I’ve ever seen. Have had to get out of the car a few times to move them out of the way. A couple of them I’ve managed to squeeze the car through though.

Picked up a rifle at one of the checkpoints. Bet that poor sod was in trouble when he got back to camp sans weapon. Found my supply of bullets I brought with me fit, so been practicing shooting street signs with it. Don’t know anything about guns. It’s a black one.

Anyways, time to hit the road again.

Pencil - Gun (small)

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