29 Mar

29 Mar

Nope, not sick. Still here.

Whew, no idea how I dodged that bullet, but the old lady-spit didn’t do me in.

Think a can of overdue peaches nearly did though as I’ve had the shits for the past couple of hours. The brain’s still functioning though which is the main thing. More than I can say for anybody other than that poor shop keeper the other day that I have seen in the past few weeks. That shop guy will be a goner soon too after getting that hicky on his arm from his good ol’ mum.

I haven’t made it very far yet. Only got as far as the outskirts of London so far. Going is so tough. The army really had this place locked down before they all bailed. Every hundred metres or so has another road block. Nearly got the car so snarled up in razor wire at one checkpoint that I was about to abandon it before I broke free and dragged half the barricade with me along to the next one.

At this rate I’m not going to be out of London and into the countryside for another week or so. Grief, if only I had a tank or something.

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