2 Apr

02 Apr

Did I say a tank the other day? Well I got hold of something nearly as good.

Found an abandoned army truck with the keys still in it. The army guy, presumably the guy who was supposed to drive it back to wherever they buggered off to, was still limping around. Seems he must have got himself bitten and the others had left him behind. He must have been all of about 18 years old if that. Uniform looked too big for him. Blood down his right leg. Snot crusted up all over his face.

I jumped in his truck and abandoned him too. Left him just like his mates had.

Anyway, I’ve got this big ol’ diesel truck. The tires are about five feet high and this thing rolls over those road blocks like speed bumps. Seat’s a bit more comfortable than the BMW’s one too with no springs up my crack, but nowhere near as quiet. Still, got myself a decent set of wheels now and really making progress.

Even mowed down a Slov that walked out in front of me. Darn idiot just stepped out and got a face full of grill. Truck barely noticed the bump and in the rear view mirrors I could see he stayed down too. Not that long ago that would have freaked the hell out of me. Today, it actually felt kind of good.

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