5 Apr

05 Apr

Can’t believe it’s taken me almost a month to hit the countryside.

Was pretty convinced I’d find the army had cordoned off the M25 ring road around London to block everybody in, but found they hadn’t even set up roadblocks that far out of the city. I now know why though.

What they would have been blocking in London was exactly the same as what was going on outside the city too. You see, nowhere has been spared. Seems every township I come across out here is crawling with the sick. They seem pretty sluggish and slow out here. At first I thought it was a different strain of the sickness or perhaps they were the opposite – even more sick than those in the CBD. It wasn’t until I saw a dead one lying next to the road that I realised what was going on.

The corpse by the roadside was almost skeleton thin. The gaunt face, like a film of skin barely covering the skull. Lips drawn back in a forced grin – receded black gums making the bared teeth look longer. The sunken and hollow eyes staring up at the gray sky. Even the birds and woodland creatures I would have expected to have a nibble on it had left it alone. Either staying away from the sickness or too little meat left on it to bother. Out here in the countryside there is less to eat you see. At least in the city there was still quite a bit of food around to munch on, even the odd healthy person running around with all that edible flesh about their frame. Out here, unless you can chase down a cow or something, you’re left with grass or a tree to eat, and there isn’t much to keep you going in a paddock for the human body.

Long and short: they’re starting to starve to death. Why did I have to leave my wife in the bedroom unable to open the door? At least if she was able to get out and find something (or somebody?) to eat she might last a bit longer. Oh grief, what a way to go.

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