13 Apr

13 Apr

Can’t believe I didn’t think of it before!

See, this holocaust, that’s what I’m calling it anyway, can’t last forever can it? So the snotty Slovs are dying of hunger, and that means that the un-sick, those that are still OK like me, will come out of hiding again and clean up the mess and carry on like we were before. Well, almost like before. There’ll be a shed load less of us to get on with things. Hey, perhaps that means repopulating the planet.

Oh, my wife.

Anyway, that idea I had: well, when things are back to normal again, it’ll end up like it was before with the haves and have-nothings. The fat cats at the top screwing the little guy like me again. OK, so how does one make sure they keep up with the rich and famous? Now cash will be out, and a whole new finance system will need to be set up again. Initially food and clean water will be the key assets to have, but eventually luxury goods will start making a comeback, and when they do, I should be the main supplier.

So I stopped over in a small township in the middle of nowhere and found what I was after. There were a couple of emaciated Slovs lurching about the street, but they were too lethargic to bother me so I didn’t bother them. I backed my truck right up to the window and through it. I spent the next half hour loading up the back tray of the truck with all the gold and sparkly stones I could lay my hands on from the jewellers. I suppose looting was still a shooting offence, but those cowardly military have all scurried down some rabbit hole someplace and I haven’t seen them since. I intend loading up the truck and finding a hiding place for it all. When the world sorts this mess out again, I’ll be at the centre of the jewellery trade and able to make a load of money.

It’s only been 14 or 15 weeks since this all kicked off now. How long would it take to get things back on track again before my ill gotten gains started making me a wealthy man?


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