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21 Apr

Turns out it’s like this the world over. There’s only a few places left untouched by this disease, remote, desolate places. At least that’s what the soldiers told me.

Took them completely by surprise when I rocked up in my army truck, laden down with stolen jewellery. They didn’t know whether to shoot or celebrate that somebody had made it out of London still un-infected. They ran all sorts of tests on me before declaring me healthy. Well, malnourished and a few bumps and bruises from various encounters, but at least without super-flu coursing through my veins.

The air force base just north of Brighton has been fortified and surrounded by army patrols. It was one of the patrols that picked me up a few miles out and put me through the wringer. They took their truck back off me and I don’t know what they did will all my loot, but I’m sure they’ve squirreled that away somewhere for themselves.

Right now I’m chilling out in a set of barracks they’ve set aside for the handful of healthies they’ve picked up in their travels. Fine if you like the colour green and dossing with a bunch of strangers. First relaxed sleep I’ve had in a while last night. Finally I feel safe with somebody else in charge of keeping the snotties at bay.

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