5 May

05 May

We’ve been starting to settle into a nice little community until we heard the news that shook us all to the core.

I’ve taken up helping out in the mess – that’s what they call the kitchen here at the 274th. I do a bit of prep, cleaning, and sometimes dishing out the food. Never the cooking – never have been too good on the pans.

There is a briefing once a week where the military big knobs get everybody, including the non-green skins like me, into a hall and let us know what’s going on out there – well, what they want us to know anyways. Turns out the Slovs are starting to get a bit smarter now the food has run out and with all the fires and stuff. From what they tell us, it looks like either something about the fires has mutated the virus, or perhaps their brains are just waking up to the fact that if they want to survive they better switch on a few more of those neurons. Either way, there have been a few co-ordinated attacks on some of our military outposts around the place. A number of the army guys had been “turned”, that’s what they call it when a Slov bites into you and infects you. If there’s enough of you left when they’ve finished chewing on you, a few days later you get back up and go on a biting spree of your own.

Hell, if there’s one thing I hate more than a face-muncher, it’s a smart face-muncher.

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