9 May

09 May

Just got in from my rifle training. They’ve got all of us non-military learning how to shoot. At least I got a bit of a head start on them all with my own rifle on the way here. Wasn’t very good, but am getting a lot better now.

There was a bit of a disturbance up near the fence last night and the army guys are a tad pissed about it. Seems a few of the Slovs made it past the patrols and got as far as the fence before being spotted and shot down.

Got to say, loving this military lifestyle though. The routine and discipline of it all. If I hadn’t been born such a coward I probably could have done this for a living. With all the patrols outside the wire going on, and the odd one not coming back now, they’re starting to get a bit thin on the ground here. I might go and see if I can see somebody up the food chain (if you excuse the horrific pun) and see if they need a hand with people patrolling inside the fence.

Ironically I’ve run out of clothes without holes in them, and being the army, they’ve got a load of army fatigues and I’ve started wearing their outfits. Should fit right in.

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