17 May

17 May

Got a new influx of army boys in today. They made it a few hundred miles here from up North somewhere in a convoy of four trucks escorted by a two humvees with massive machine guns mounted on the back. There were even a couple of helicopters with them.

Two of the trucks held civvies (what they call us civilian non-military types) and they’ve had to open up another barrack to house them in. Looks like I won’t need to help out with patrols for some time now they have had a fresh batch of soldiers just come in.

Funny thing: One of the new Privates, fresh into the army just before the planet turned to shit, saluted me seeing me in my army outfit. Poor sod, he pretty much salutes anybody, being by far the lowest of the low. Still, out-ranks me, though he didn’t know it at the time.

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