21 May

21 May

Poor sod. Turns out he’s only been in the corps since October last year. Last night on his first patrol he left the corps and became a corpse.

From what I’ve gathered, the patrol was ambushed by about half a dozen Slovs. Poor bugger. One guy was bitten and three of the Slovs put down (the nice, friendly term the army guys have started using for killing humans) but that kid was dragged off into the darkness. It’s a new phenomenon (did I spell that right?) that has really put the shits up the army folk.

There’s a bunch of new rules and regs they’ve imposed on us all now to help keep us and themselves safe. We’re confined to barracks after 1800 now and a few of us civvies have been made wardens which basically means we get to stay up half the night guarding the barrack doorways with instructions to shoot anybody without the password. Today’s password was “Pigeon”. What a daft bunch these guys are. I’d like to suggest things like “The Grim Reaper” or “Who is on First” as the response to the challenge we’re supposed to give of “Who goes there?”.

I’m not that stressed about killing more Slovs. Killed a few on the way down here from London, but I’m a bit worried about making a mistake and killing somebody who isn’t infected if they come to the barracks and take me or one of the others by surprise. We’re all a bit on edge now that these raids are getting closer and closer to what we thought was a save zone.

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