31 May

31 May


More signs of intelligence in these creeps last night. A bunch of them got into the camp. One lot made for the generators and made a hell of a mess of them, taking out all the flood lights at around 0315 plunging the place into darkness. Another lot got into the other civvie barracks and a half dozen got themselves bitten. I managed to loose off a few shots at the buggers, but in the darkness was worried I might hit our own, so just made sure none of them got too near our hut.

This morning it was discovered that one of the bodies found was the young Private. Sod had turned and come back against his own kind. Needless to say, the military folk are mighty miffed about the whole thing. In a debrief today they hinted towards anybody getting bitten or taken away by Slovs take their own life, hoping that the knowledge of military tactics doesn’t come back against them. The ones bitten from the other barrack were rounded up and taken away. I’m pretty sure they were “put down” for their own good.

What have things come to? What have we become?

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