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22nd June

The team arrived back again at last. They drove right into the compound, three tankers branded as being from various oil companies, and the rest of the crews in humvees and trucks.

That is all except for one truck. It remained outside the compound gates. All of those that remained outside the closed gate had been infected during the mission. A few of us gathered at the gate to see them. Those still able to walk shouted out their goodbyes, keeping their distance so as not to infect the rest of us. They looked so sick and frightened. They saluted the Base Commander and a few of them walked off up the road. I saw some stagger off into the minefields and a big eruption of smoke followed quickly by the sound of the explosion as they took their own lives. Some just put guns in their mouths where they stood. The truck outside the gates was torched, along with those too sick to get out and walk away.

It is great to have most of the guys return, and the fuel will help out hugely. But those poor sods taking their own lives. Reason two I could never be one of them. And we’re back to that cowardice thing again. I’ll never forget that look on their faces as they knew what they had to do to keep the rest of us safe.

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20th June

Report just in is that the recce team got a right drubbing when they got to the airport. Even though it was a small country airport they chose, there was still a large number of Slovs there it turns out. Quite a few losses and a number injured. They’re on their way back now with two tankers of diesel and one of av-gas in the convoy but still a large number of men down.

Those guys lost their lives for the rest of us to live. What drives a man to do that? How do you put your life at risk for others? Knowing you probably wouldn’t survive to know whether what you had done helped or not. This is part of my cowardice. One of the reasons I would never make a good soldier. I’m just too damn selfish.

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19th June

The patrols inside the perimeter have been a bit of a non-event so far. The only dramas going on are the frequency of the mines going off. The daytime patrols aren’t finding any bodies, so the thinking is that rocks are being lobbed into the minefields to try to clear a few of them.

No sign of the recce team that went out, but word is that they’re still in contact. A few minor skirmishes reported but nothing they couldn’t handle. Appears that they’ve managed to fill a tanker with diesel for the generators and vehicles and are making their way to one of the smaller airports to find a supply of av-gas for the helicopters. We should be back to full strength in a few days with any luck.

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14th June

A few more mines and claymores last night. All from different points of the compass. The Major thinks the Slovs might be testing the perimeter. Looking for chinks in the armour so to speak.

The fuel for the vehicles and generators is starting to get worrying low and the camp is to be in darkness at night, except for the searchlights on the towers around the fence line. If the alarm is sounded the lights in the camp will come on automatically, but until more fuel is found we’ve got to stay in darkness except in emergencies. A bit spooky with the monsters out there trying to get through the minefields.

A bunch of the guys are taking a heavily armed convoy out tomorrow to try to source more food and fuel. With that lot gone I’ve been asked to step up and take a stint on patrolling the fence along with a couple of other civvies. Thankfully on the inside, but still a bit nervous as it’ll be pitch back out there.

Enough writing for now. Got to get some sleep while I can before it gets dark. Going to be a long night.

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12th June

The first of the mines went off last night. A muffled whump far out to the south. It was some way off, but reminded me they were still out there. Still trying to get us.
I haven’t slept properly since that raid proved we weren’t safe here after all. I saw the explosion had woken the guy who was supposed to be on duty too. Gave him a stripping down before sending him to bed and taking over. I wasn’t going to sleep again anyway.
A bit knackered today because of that, but I’ve got enough clout around here, at least over the rest of the civvies, to put him in charge of emptying the shit buckets.
They dropped a bunch of bombs a couple of days ago on the surrounding towns to try and kill off the Slovs that were gathering there. Not sure how successful that was. They missed at least one, unless it was a deer or something that had set off the mine. Hard to think anything like a deer is still alive out there with all those hungry snotties about looking for something meaty to eat. Wouldn’t mind a decent chunk of venison myself.

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7 Jun

A huge exercise has been underway over the past week since the raid on the camp. During the daytime, groups of us are going out and felling trees, and torching any scrubland or hiding places around the camp perimeter with flamethrowers (by far my favourite part to date).

We’ve killed a few Slovs we’ve discovered hiding from the sunlight in old sheds and under fallen logs as we’ve found them, but the thinking is that the vast majority of them are hanging out in the nearby towns.

As the perimeter is cleared of any hiding places we’ve been laying mines and tripwires with claymores attached – Front Toward Enemy. It’s a bit dangerous, but fun all the same. Hopefully we can keep them away for a bit longer until we’re safely surrounded by enough explosives to level a small town.


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