12th June

26 Jun

The first of the mines went off last night. A muffled whump far out to the south. It was some way off, but reminded me they were still out there. Still trying to get us.
I haven’t slept properly since that raid proved we weren’t safe here after all. I saw the explosion had woken the guy who was supposed to be on duty too. Gave him a stripping down before sending him to bed and taking over. I wasn’t going to sleep again anyway.
A bit knackered today because of that, but I’ve got enough clout around here, at least over the rest of the civvies, to put him in charge of emptying the shit buckets.
They dropped a bunch of bombs a couple of days ago on the surrounding towns to try and kill off the Slovs that were gathering there. Not sure how successful that was. They missed at least one, unless it was a deer or something that had set off the mine. Hard to think anything like a deer is still alive out there with all those hungry snotties about looking for something meaty to eat. Wouldn’t mind a decent chunk of venison myself.

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