14th June

26 Jun

A few more mines and claymores last night. All from different points of the compass. The Major thinks the Slovs might be testing the perimeter. Looking for chinks in the armour so to speak.

The fuel for the vehicles and generators is starting to get worrying low and the camp is to be in darkness at night, except for the searchlights on the towers around the fence line. If the alarm is sounded the lights in the camp will come on automatically, but until more fuel is found we’ve got to stay in darkness except in emergencies. A bit spooky with the monsters out there trying to get through the minefields.

A bunch of the guys are taking a heavily armed convoy out tomorrow to try to source more food and fuel. With that lot gone I’ve been asked to step up and take a stint on patrolling the fence along with a couple of other civvies. Thankfully on the inside, but still a bit nervous as it’ll be pitch back out there.

Enough writing for now. Got to get some sleep while I can before it gets dark. Going to be a long night.

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