15th July

15 Jul

Doctors performed the sunroof extraction on the pregnant girl. Appears to be a healthy boy, six pounds something something. They named him Adam as he’s like the first boy in a whole new world or something profound like that. The woman was drugged up until they were sure she wouldn’t be coming back again. Adam is to remain in isolation until they can determine if the virus was passed on to him by the mother.

Cleanup of the recent attack is pretty much complete and the fence mended, but obviously not much of a deterrent to the hoards of Slovs out there. Now they know they can do it, not much will stop them doing it again and again until we’re all like them. Shame we can’t electrify the fence. The army big knobs are desperately looking for some place more secure to move us all to. Patrols outside the perimeter have resumed and I’ve been asked to join them from time to time to help make up numbers.

The Special Forces guys are kicking themselves they weren’t here to help the other night. Still, lesson learnt, we can’t under-estimate these bogies any longer. They’ve got too smart for their own good and we’re going to have to find another way to defend ourselves.

On a side note – it was 6 months ago today that we buried my mate Jeff, one of the first victims of this virus. Seems like only yesterday. Makes me wonder if he did come back again, only to find himself locked in a small dark box with six feet of dirt on top of him.

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