30th July

30 Jul

Spent the night last night loading up everything of use to us on to trucks and into the helicopters. The majority of the civvies were loaded up onto the troop ‘copter and went at first light this morning with an escort of two of the three gunship helicopters. The rest of us, those that can shoot, will ride with the army folk in trucks and humvees, escorted by the third gunship. We even took the time to disarm and dig up a few of the mines from nearby as they might come in useful, before loading up and waving goodbye to the old camp.

Should be a fun roadtrip. Nice to be doing something proactive at last. Hiding in this exposed camp waiting for the bogies to make the next move has been pretty frustrating. Well, here goes. Pedal to the metal boys, let’s roll. Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday to me today too.

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