17th August

17 Aug

Loving the new digs. Not much in the way of accommodation, well just a fire station really and couple of sheds on the airport grounds, but this was never meant to be a base for a large number of people. The army have set up a number of their big tents and found some port-a-cabins around to bring in. There are houses surrounding the airfield a few of us have decided to make our homes.

The army guys have managed to secure the roads and most of the ways into this tip of the island, and with our backs to the sea we’re pretty safe by all accounts. Spare time is spent skimming stones on the beach, but the military lifestyle still continues to keep us all on our toes. A nearby farm was found to still have a number of cattle on it, but they were in a pretty bad way having not been moved on to better grazing in some time. A couple had to be put down and were commemorated in a big slap-up barbeque. The rest were grateful to be moved into an overgrown paddock.

A couple of patrols have been out to mop up any Slovs in the vicinity and night flights have confirmed no signs of heat signatures for 20 miles or so.

The kid Adam has been confirmed to have a dormant strain of the virus, and is declared safe for now, but regular tests will continue. For now he has been placed with a couple as sort of foster parents who are staying in the same house as me.

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