31st August

31 Aug

Seems this new regime of rationed food and the odd bit of exercise is paying off. I’ve shed a few pounds and am feeling fitter than ever. Took on one of the SF boys in a sprint down to the beach and just pipped him. Any further and he would have had me – I’m not that fit, yet.

Got to play with some of the gadgets the SF guys use too. Suppose there’s not much use for military secrets any more. The sniper gear is awesome, and the binoculars with laser range finder and built in GPS let you know the GPS co-ordinate of any object you’re focusing on in the distance, would let you sit up in the hills and call in an airstrike on a target miles away based on its exact GPS co-ordinates. A few other things were a bit lost on me, but generally useful for killing, maiming and doing unto others before they do unto you was the gist of it.

Not much of a mechanic, but I helped some of the boys get an old farm tractor going again. I was more the guy who presses the accelerator when asked to than the guy under the hood per se, but we got it going in the end and one of the civvies that knows a bit about farming is going to plough a couple of fields. It’s a bit late in the year to get any decent crops out of the ground now, but should be about right for something next spring.

Oh, and word has come out that with the bigger aerials around the airport that the brass have had comms with a couple of similar setups to ours over on the continent. Great news that we’re not alone after all!

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