16th September

16 Sep

It’s about a month and a half now since we last saw any of the undead. That is until last night.

A patrol spotted one in the distance standing at the top of a nearby hill just watching them. They shot at it but it ran off. A bit of a new trick, normally they attack at the first sign of life, but this one just up and scampered off apparently. A heli was sent up with infrared but couldn’t spot it at all. Never mind. Hopefully it got the hint and went elsewhere for a feed.

Speaking of feed: the cows are looking much better now, and the farmer chap says it looks like a few of them even might be with calf. Seems there’s a bull amongst them, though I would have hoped the farmer guy would have been able to tell the difference – it’s the one with a single teat.

Oh, and that reminds me of something else: the wee one Adam is putting on weight and seems to be quite a happy wee chappie. None the worse for wear having a mother that had the virus. He’s about 2 months old now, woman seem to measure age in weeks when it comes to babies for some reason.

So after that train of thought leaping from zombies to cows to babies, I think I’ll leave it there for today.

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