25th September

25 Sep

Shit! Shit! Shit! They’ve found us!

A routine chopper patrol picked up a number of heat signatures making a beeline this way. Who knows how they have survived this long. I suppose there must still be a bit of food around, and there’s always cats and squirrels, but you’d need to have your wits about you to catch them – these guys don’t have much in the way of wits that I’ve seen to date.

The chopper crew estimates about 75 at this stage, and there are concerns that these are the same guys that were gathering on the outskirts of the last base. How they found us we’ll never know, but somebody reminded me that one of the humvee gunners was captured when we escaped last time. Could this be how they knew where we went? It’s taken them a while to get here, but walking 300 miles in that uncoordinated way they do, it’s no wonder.

Life was finally settling down to a nice gentle pace again too. Let’s see what the brass come up with as a strategy this time.

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