26th September

26 Sep

I’ve got to say, these military minds have got ingenious ways to deal out death and destruction on a massive scale. Frankly it’s frightening the ease at which they come up with some of these things.

So they started building a device today to deal with the massive mob of Slovs heading this way. The farm has a 5,000 litre (just over 1,000 gallons) fuel tank which in the days of farming was filled with diesel for filling up farm vehicles. This thing was hoisted down off its stand and we filled it with av-gas. To this they added polystyrene, oil, animal fat, soap, dishwashing liquid, sugar, even bits of plastic and rubber, pretty much anything they could lay their hands on that either burnt, or would make it stick to things as it burnt. Before screwing on the cap they put in a couple of incendiary grenades, with their pins rigged up to a thin, steel cable. The plan is to drop it from the troop carrier chopper on top of the mass of bad guys and the long steel cable will give it enough delay before pulling the grenade pins and it blows. An attack chopper will be in support with a couple of missiles ready if it doesn’t go off as expected.

Should be a hell of a fireworks show. Shame it’ll be several miles away from here.

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