28th September

28 Sep

It just struck me yesterday and I had to talk to my roommate about it: I asked about how thermal imaging works and if there are any tricks to beating it. He said that every army has training on these tools, and the techniques to beat them. In the case of infrared, it is a camera which displays the temperature of the objects it is focused on in different colours. The average human body is around 37 degrees Celsius. In the case of the infected with their constant flu-like symptoms, their temperature sits around the 39-42 degree range. Even your breath comes out at around 33 degrees. So unless you’re covered by something heat reflective and/or heat dissipating, you’re going to glow at night on IR relative to the temperature of, say, the grass or buildings around you. The SF guy went on to tell me that they have specialised gear in the Special Forces to deal with this, but even a dumb army grunt is trained in simple survival techniques such as propping a blanket up above a foxhole to dissipate the heat, or thermal blankets. It got me thinking about all the knowledge the Slovs have had to date in tracking us down and knowing our areas of weakness. And of how many army patrols have gone missing, and even the humvee gunner who knew where we were going that was captured. I need to think about this some more, but it’s got me a little nervous about under estimating these retarded zombies.

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