29th September

29 Sep

Got in to see some of the top brass boys in their headquarters they’ve set up in an old farm house up the road. Turns out they’ve been thinking along the same lines as me. Looks like the Slovs have been using the knowledge of those captured and turned it against us. The concern right now is where this large group have been hiding from the Infrared. This is where I proposed my theory on the army training that they put their soldiers though in hiding from IR. This gave them a bit to mull over, so I left the brains-trust to it and went back to do a bit of PT – Physical Training, what the army boys call going for a run.

Spoke to my roommate later on and he said they’re off on an exercise tonight to test my theory. He couldn’t tell me much, not that it was a secret or anything, he just hadn’t been briefed on it yet from his CO (Commanding Officer). Guess I’ll just have to wait for him to get back and tell me what they got up to.

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