30th September

30 Sep

Woke up around 0300 to the sound of the helicopters taking off from the airfield. About 15 minutes later there was an almighty explosion which sounded like the moon had decided to stop hanging about in the sky and had collided with the Earth. The ground shook and things fell off the shelves. Adam woke up crying and the whole household decided sleeping was for losers and got up and dressed and started dishing out the coffee to await word of what in Hades had gone on.

About 0445 my roommate came in looking a bit bedraggled and in a pretty foul temper. The story goes thusly: The SF guys headed out to the perimeter to see if they could spot anything coming our way. They had an IR camera with them and it didn’t take long to find our missing friends, about a hundred or so snotties ambling our way. The SF boys took up position on a nearby hill and radioed in what they had found. The helicopter with the home made napalm bomb took off and headed out there. As soon as they heard the sound of the chopper, the IR signature blinked out of existence. Seems the Slovs have been thinking hard after all and had come up with a plan. The SF guys radioed in the last known GPS co-ordinate, probably using those cool binoculars of theirs I had a play with a few weeks back. The chopper dropped the bomb and splattered those bogies to hell. The SF guys stuck around to pick off any survivors, but a good hundred or so were wiped out just like that. They brought back something interesting from the bomb site too. Not much of it was remaining, but they found traces of mylar, that silver foil used for emergency blankets, and bits of woollen blankets. Seems the Slovs had raided a sports shop, or hospital or something and found a heap of mylar blankets, and by covering themselves in these with a layer of normal blankets on top of them, would be nearly invisible to a sweeping IR scan. The mylar blocks their body heat and the woollen blankets both dissipates any escaping heat and takes on the ambient temperature around them, instead of leaving a completely blank hole in the IR picture. Bastards have been using the military tactics to try and sneak up on us. All the more reason not to let anyone get captured alive.

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