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12th October

I’m sitting in the kitchen writing this. The rest of the household is fast asleep, including Adam for a change. What I saw last night turned my blood cold and I’m still not over it.

The SF boys took me out on patrol with them. Just a simple routine jaunt, out to check up on our friendly neighbours that have taken a shine to hanging out in the nearby barn. Having these guys nearby has taught us a lot about them. For one, they’re pretty docile in the day time. They seem to go into some kind of trance state and just stand there with their heads down. You can get pretty close before they wake up. They don’t like the light and will pretty much stay in the barn if it is a bright day outside, even if you make a lot of noise. In this way we’ve managed to set up some infra red lights around and even inside the barn. It can’t be seen with the naked eye but with night-vision the place is lit up like broad daylight at night time. We took up position in a camouflaged hut the army guys have built nearby and started watching them with high-powered night-vision scopes on the sniper rifles. It was pretty cool really, but cold and boring. That was, until they woke up and started milling about. There are 5 of them there. One guy we call Boss Hog. He’s a large guy, still got some kind of overalls on, though you can hardly tell due to the mud and who knows what covering him from head to toe. He seems to be the ringleader. There are a couple of rangy looking teenagers. They’re called The Twins on account of them looking similar and they’re always going everywhere together. Boss Hog sent them out hunting with a flick of his hand and they came back a couple of hours later with what looked like a badger and a cat which they all settled down to munch on. Finally the other two came into view. The first one was a bit of a shock. She must be in her mid 20s and is very pregnant. The army boys call her The Mummy. I suspect the pregnancy is post-disease, which kind of freaks me out thinking that these Slovs are getting down and funky with one another. The fifth and final one, the one they’re calling Miss Cornwall because they say she’s a bit of a looker, well compared to any others they’ve seen, finally came out into the open. There’s no way they know we’re here, nor can they see us in the pitch darkness, but I swear she stared straight at me, down the barrel of the night-vision scope.

It was my wife.

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10th October

You know, as well as all the good things we’ve lost due to this crappy virus that has turned everybody into flesh craving monsters, there’s also a lot of bad things I just don’t miss any more. Like taxes, and the nasty little people that work for the TV licensing company. Like when you walk into a classy department store and your nasal passages are assaulted by the stench of perfume everywhere. Dog shit on the pavement and pushy people who somehow think they have more right than you to be on this planet. Toxic waste, greed and the dishonesty of every and all large corporations. Bankers.

Hmm, I feel slightly better after that rant.

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9th October

Another day down in the wild and bizarre world we, the few remaining, find ourselves living in.

A night patrol spotted half a dozen snotties hanging out in a nearby barn. There’s a heap of mines and tripwires between them and the camp, so the military mind decided to tag and track them. One of the gizmos I didn’t know existed and had to have explained to me by the SF guy I’m rooming with is a tracker. Seems there is a tiny dart thingy you can fire into somebody, feels like a bee sting, but puts out a signal that can be tracked from space. Although nobody is around to run them anymore, all the space junk we’ve been putting up there over the years is still happily doing their jobs, and the military satellites used for monitoring these trackers are still functioning properly. Didn’t take long for one of the Slovs to be tagged and now we can track his movements. Unfortunately he seems content with just hanging out in the barn at the moment, but as soon as he goes anywhere we’ll know.

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6th October

Getting damn cold around here now. Got an open fire in our house so that keeps the chill off, but out on patrol the wind just cuts right though you.

Today’s briefing confirmed that the Frenchies and another Dutch lot out there are having similar issues that we are having here. The snotties have grown smarter and are incorporating the knowledge of any that they capture into their attacks. The Dutch guys have taken to wearing timed explosives on them when out patrolling. The timer has an alarm to remind you to reset the timer every 15 minutes otherwise five minutes later it goes off. If you get captured, the theory is that you’re too dead or too sick to remember to reset it and it should take you and your new comrades out. Sort of what they call a dead man switch. Not a bad idea, but a bit of a hazard being a walking time bomb and having to remember to reset the timer. Still, whatever works for you I suppose.

Other intel came in with the theory that the Slovs are more interested in infecting others than actually eating you. Seems that those captured aren’t actually food, they are merely infected and left to join the other Slovs. Appears they’re getting enough to eat out in the wild, so the disease is more interested in spreading itself to fresh hosts than keeping those already infected alive. This is a new twist that might help explain why those captured are coming back mostly in one piece rather than having limbs missing from a munch-fest.

Damn this is getting weirder by the day.

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4th October

I went out with the patrol the other day to check out where they dropped the bomb. Nothing but a great big black scorch mark on a hill to be seen. A few charred bodies around the perimeter. Ones too far away from ground zero to be vapourised. What screwed with my head was that there was the body of a child there. Probably about 5 or 6 years old. Hadn’t thought about that before. Suppose I must have just shut out that thought. But why not? If old people and adults got this, why not the kids too? Hell, Adam has a form of the disease, but the lucky bugger somehow changed it in his body before being born. Still, that messed me up a bit, and makes me look at the wee girls’ decorations in my commandeered bedroom a little differently now. Where are those kids now? Did their parents eat them? Did they eat their parents? Were they in the lot that just got deep fried on that hilltop the other night? Man, if I thought things couldn’t be any more snafu (another bit of military jargon – look it up) then this just took it up a notch for me. My roommate didn’t seem all that concerned about it. Said he’d seen way weirder. Said he’d take me out on a patrol sometime with the SF guys and show me. Should be fun – the SF patrol, not the weirdo stuff he would rather show me than explain.

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