6th October

06 Oct

Getting damn cold around here now. Got an open fire in our house so that keeps the chill off, but out on patrol the wind just cuts right though you.

Today’s briefing confirmed that the Frenchies and another Dutch lot out there are having similar issues that we are having here. The snotties have grown smarter and are incorporating the knowledge of any that they capture into their attacks. The Dutch guys have taken to wearing timed explosives on them when out patrolling. The timer has an alarm to remind you to reset the timer every 15 minutes otherwise five minutes later it goes off. If you get captured, the theory is that you’re too dead or too sick to remember to reset it and it should take you and your new comrades out. Sort of what they call a dead man switch. Not a bad idea, but a bit of a hazard being a walking time bomb and having to remember to reset the timer. Still, whatever works for you I suppose.

Other intel came in with the theory that the Slovs are more interested in infecting others than actually eating you. Seems that those captured aren’t actually food, they are merely infected and left to join the other Slovs. Appears they’re getting enough to eat out in the wild, so the disease is more interested in spreading itself to fresh hosts than keeping those already infected alive. This is a new twist that might help explain why those captured are coming back mostly in one piece rather than having limbs missing from a munch-fest.

Damn this is getting weirder by the day.

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