9th October

09 Oct

Another day down in the wild and bizarre world we, the few remaining, find ourselves living in.

A night patrol spotted half a dozen snotties hanging out in a nearby barn. There’s a heap of mines and tripwires between them and the camp, so the military mind decided to tag and track them. One of the gizmos I didn’t know existed and had to have explained to me by the SF guy I’m rooming with is a tracker. Seems there is a tiny dart thingy you can fire into somebody, feels like a bee sting, but puts out a signal that can be tracked from space. Although nobody is around to run them anymore, all the space junk we’ve been putting up there over the years is still happily doing their jobs, and the military satellites used for monitoring these trackers are still functioning properly. Didn’t take long for one of the Slovs to be tagged and now we can track his movements. Unfortunately he seems content with just hanging out in the barn at the moment, but as soon as he goes anywhere we’ll know.

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