7th April

07 Apr

Back again. See, I didn’t forget. So where was I? Oh yeah…

We had a couple of peaceful nights after that. The camp inhabitants were in good spirits, knowing that the nearest slovs were a few miles away lurching about to their own tune, or so they thought.

The recent run to the stores had found a reasonably snottie-free grocery store, and along with the coffee, and a bunch of other non-perishables, some smart cookie had had the forethought to grab a half dozen bottles of some generic single malt.
With a good 25 adults in the camp, nobody was too fussy about getting stuck in. The perimeter patrol was stood down for the night. A sturdy perimeter fence had been erected by this stage, and the weapons weren’t too far from hand, so everybody was prepared to relax a little. Even just for one night.

So that was how we were caught with our pants down. No patrols out, everybody half pickled out of their brains, laughing and shouting. Singing at the top of our lungs to some 80’s CD playing on an old boom box somebody had rigged up to the generator. All eyes focused on the huge bonfire in front of us and nobody watching the darkness behind.
We didn’t even notice when one of the guys didn’t come back from taking a leak. Another couple, the ones I share a house with who look after Adam, took advantage of me being the semi sober one holding Adam and snuck off for a bit of alone time and were not seen from again.

The next thing we knew, about a million (more likely about 50, but it seemed that way anyway) slovs lurched into the light of the big bonfire we were all sitting around. Somehow they had lifted the back fence and when there was a decent build-up of them they attacked. Seems my wife and the twins had gone to get some friends.
Anyway, the chaos was short lived. Screams, blood, teeth and running – that’s about all I recall from that night. Somehow I had the wherewithal to grab my gun, and with a screaming Adam under one arm, I hightailed it to my house and grabbed everything I could carry and bailed.

There was a car out front that we used in store raids and I threw in Adam and anything that wasn’t nailed down and jumped in. It was fairly clear that nobody else was making it out of there any time soon, so I took off. I told myself I’d return to see if there was anybody left once I’d found a safe place to stow Adam.
Hmm, this is all getting a little too depressing. Let me pick this up again later, when I feel more inclined to continue the story.

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