12th April

12 Apr

Adam and I like to have a laugh when we come across a slov in a strange situation. Like the other day, there was this one that had somehow got itself run over and was stuck under the back wheel of a car. It must have been fairly recently, otherwise who knows how it would have survived this long without food. They have to eat something every now and then, but I digress.

We had a bit of fun teasing this poor sod. All it wanted was to get hold of one of us and have a good munch, but it was pinned there by the back legs under that car.

I love to hear Adam laugh. It is such a rare thing, and I just wonder what he would be like if we came across a bunch of other kids, of the Living kind I mean.

He seems to have a bit of a soft spot for the undead though. Ever since I filled him in on how his mum was bitten and he was born just before she turned. He holds some kind of affinity to them, though he is very cautious of them. He takes no chances, but often stays my hand if I’m about to kill one unnecessarily that is in no danger of hurting us.

Anyway, I’m getting distracted writing about my parenting woes when really I’m meant to be filling in the backstory about how we got to where we are today.

OK… After getting in the car and bailing on our overrun camp, Adam and I shot out of town and I drove and drove until coming across a huge snarl-up on the highway and we had to stop. By this stage I had driven for a night and right though the next day. We were half way up the country by this stage. Adam did nothing but cry. And when he wasn’t crying, it was because he was asleep.

I had no idea how to be a father. I tried to feed him some dried meat I had brought along with me, but he was only a baby, probably about 1 at this stage, so wasn’t up to much chewing on the tangy venison. He sucked and gummed a couple of strips for a bit, but eventually he threw a big paddy and I realised he wanted something resembling baby food, or milk, or something. There was also a horrid stench filling the car. Whilst most of the country, and in fact the world I presume, smells like death on a stick, this stench was something else. And that was my introduction to the joys of babies.

To cut a long story short, we did make it back to that airstrip a couple of years later. It was completely overrun and there was no sign that anybody had made a last stand or lasted beyond that fateful night around the camp fire. I took the CD from the boom box that still lay not far from where I remember we had it set up. I still have it with me somewhere.

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