27th April

27 Apr

So what do we make of this new community, Adam and I?

Well, Adam is loving it. It is the first time I have really seen him smile in a long time. Well, I’ve seen him smile, and even laugh before. But never in his eyes. His eyes always have that weariness. Something you should never have to see in a nearly six year old. He has been through too much. Seen too much. Perhaps a while in this place will do him good.

The community of Sanctuary is made up of some 100 to 120 people, from all corners of the country (and a few foreigners stuck here when the outbreak took hold and they were unable to return home), from all walks of life and all races, creeds and denominations. All thrown together in one big melting pot where everybody is the same – a survivor. One of the Living.

Most have fought their way to get here. Others started here and have barely seen the horrors out there.

The leader of the place, a burly ex-marine sergeant keeps the pace humming along, and his band of lackeys run about doing his bidding. He has teams allocated to guard duty, others running scouting parties to reccie the undead’s movements in the area. Others are responsible for supplies such as fuel for the generators, food, and any other necessities of a growing community.

I’ve put my name down to help out in any of the above if we are to stay here for a while.

I’m pretty keen to keep moving after what happened to the last “community” I belonged to, and I really want to track down what’s left of that research lab to see if there is any hope of this zombie nightmare coming to an end any time soon, but I’ve got to think of the kid first.

He’s finally relaxing and not jumping at the slightest sound in the night. There are a couple of other kids here too which he has started to latch on to. And for me, I can finally let him wander off, comfortable in the knowledge that he’s safe at last.

I’ll give this a few days and see how things pan out.

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