12th May

12 May

Well, the adventure just got a little more real today. Sussing out a wee convenience store this morning, I was just making my way into the front door to see if there were any lurkers inside before raiding the shelves when Adam gave a shout from back outside.

I popped my head out again to see that a couple of slovs had come around the corner of the store and were fast approaching. I raised my machete to make a run at them when I spotted movement out of the corner of my eye. There were three more behind me in the store, now making a bid for freedom, or more likely a bid for the back of my neck.

Caught between a rock and a dead place, Adam and I had to fight our way out. Adam struggled at first under the pressure, forgetting to take the safety off his quickly drawn gun, but I was slightly less worried because they were still about ten feet away from him. The three inside were one swift lurch from grabbing hold of me and dragging me down.

I spun and lopped the outstretched arms off the first one coming for me, and sliced the side of its head off with the backswing. The second took a neat slice to the neck before its head lolled back with a sickening sucking sound coming from its throat before collapsing in a heap. Just as I thrust the machete into the eye of the third, Adam got his first shot off. With a quick twist and pull, I wrenched my machete back out of the face of my last assailant and turned to see Adam had capped his first undead.

It turned out to be a bit of a sloppy shot in the heat of the moment, but the bullet entering under the lower jaw took a sizeable chunk out of the back of the zom’s head due to the angle of wee Adam shooting upwards. I threw my machete at Adam’s last visitor and it hit it in the chest, making it stagger back a step or two. That was all the time Adam needed to line up his next shot and cap the snottie through the left eye. What a shot! I’ll have to find him a fair one day where he can shoot those metal pegs with an air rifle with a bent barrel – see if he can’t win an oversized teddy bear or something.

So it was a bit of a nervous start to the morning, but it turned out for the best as the wee store was still full of all sorts of non-perishables we could take with us. Mostly boiled sweets and the likes, being one of those quaint ‘ye olde’ stores on the tourist trail, but worth it all the same. Adam got his reward for his fine shooting under pressure.

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