18th May

18 May

A strange finding today. We passed a road that isn’t even on our maps. I thought that perhaps the maps were out of date, and although one of them was printed ten years ago, the other was only seven years old, and I’m pretty sure they stopped building roads since all the workers started biting one another.

So, curiosity getting the better of me, we decided to take a detour and check it out.

About a mile in I was beginning to think it was a waste of time. We were getting further and further off the track that I had planned only that morning, heading for a likely spot for the lab to be – near a wee township to the Northeast. Still we kept going. We had nothing pressing to get to. No appointments, dates or diary busters that screamed out for our attention or attendance.

Adam happily munched on the sweets that had somehow become his own property and took bribes and promises of favours owed just to get my hands on one once in a while.

As we rounded a corner in the long, narrow road we came to a dead end. At the end was a huge iron gate with a sign on it reading Arconion Enterprises. There were security cameras pointing down from tall poles and a small one-man guard box outside. It all seemed so dead and quiet. Another dead end. Some corporate outfit or other. Probably one of those web development or mobile app companies that sprung up in the latter years before everybody got the munchies for human flesh.

“What’s an Acorn Enter Dad?” Adam asked me. He’s taken to calling me Dad for some reason. I don’t discourage it, but it does seem strange to me.

I corrected him, and showed him how to sound out the word. Just as I did that I saw movement out to the side of the building. At first I thought it was a slov until it dumped something on the ground, turned around and went back into the building again.

I shouted out a few times and then spent the next ten minutes trying to get Adam and I over the huge, locked gate that the building sat behind down a long sweeping driveway.

When we finally got to the building I discovered that whoever it was had dumped a body of a dead snottie on top of what appeared to be 15 to 20 long-dead bodies. The door was a solid metal thing with a small square of glass with that wire mesh in it for reinforcing. It was dark inside but we banged and hollered but nobody came.

We’re spending the night inside a small utility shed out the back. We’ve had worse. At least it isn’t leaking and letting in this drizzle that seems to have settled in for the night.

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